Dr. Aszterbaum has practiced dermatology, dermatology surgery and Mohs surgery in Newport Beach since 2001. She is a world-recognized expert in skin cancer genetics and prevention, having published original research in esteemed journals including the New England Journal of Medicine and Nature Medicine. Here at Dermatology Center of Newport we perform skin surgery and Mohs surgery for benign lesions and skin cancer, respectively. Our state of the art facilities offer the patient a safe and welcoming environment for their surgical procedure.

Dr. Aszterbaum is amazing! I have had several moles removed by dermatologists and she is my favorite. After I found her, I stopped my search. First, she can stitch from the inside to not leave a scar. Second, she is a perfectionist and is careful when she performs surgery. Lastly, she is a beautiful, caring person. I highly recommend Dr. Aszterbaum for any complicated surgery!!!!

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