Skin Cysts

Epidermoid (ep-ih-DUR-moid) cysts are noncancerous small bumps beneath the skin. They can appear anywhere on the skin, but are most common on the face, neck and trunk.

Epidermoid cysts are slow growing and often painless, so they rarely cause problems or need treatment. You might choose to have a cyst removed by a doctor if its appearance bothers you or if it’s painful, ruptured or infected.

Epidermoid cyst signs and symptoms include:

  • 1.) A small, round bump under the skin, usually on the face, neck or trunk
  • 2.) A tiny blackhead plugging the central opening of the cyst
  • 3.) A thick, yellow, smelly material that sometimes drains from the cyst
  • 4.) Redness, swelling and tenderness in the area, if inflamed or infected