Acne Scars

Acne Scars can easily be reduced and removed. 

View improvements made to acne scarring through a variety of techniques:

Before & After Laser Treatment Photos

Genius Laser Acne Scarring BeforeGenius Laser Acne Scarring After
Co2 Laser Acne Scarring Beforeco2 laser acne scarring after

Before & After Bellafill Injection Photos

before acne scar removalafter acne scar removal
before acne scar removalafter acne scar removal


There are three types of acne scars: Boxcar (sharp vertical edges with a wide base), rolling (soft shoulders and rounded saucer-like shape) and icepick (deep and narrow pitting of the skin).

For Boxcar and Rolling scars:

  • Genius (latest technology, RF Thermal energy, stimulates collagen production)  
  • CO2 Laser

Learn more about Genius Radiofrequency Thermotherapy.

Learn more about CO2 Laser. 


For Rolling Scars:

  • Bellafill

Bellafill is an injectable used to fill and correct moderate to severe facial acne scars. 

Learn more about Bellafill. or visit the Bellafill website

For Icepick Scars:

Punch Excision and Punch Grafting:

Icepick Scars are best treated by excising them with a small punch under local anesthesia and either suturing the skin closed or grafting a small bit of skin taken from another area into the defect left from the punch excision.